“so, should i propose now, or…?”

by emilysaysgo

i have a topic i need to discuss. as you will see, this topic is clearly as important and introspective as yesterday’s, and of equal urgency:

i get hit on far, far too often.

i’m not saying i get hit on all the time. i don’t. i’m saying that i am an awkward enough person that any occurence of this is automatically too many.

i get that some people enjoy being hit on, and find it flattering or cute. i do not. i find it slightly humiliating and mostly awkward. i guess the problem is that i don’t want people to like me for what i look like, so when things head in that direction, and all they know about me is what i look like, i find that very uncomfortable.

i bring this up only because this has happened twice in the last two days- a guy at school yesterday and my cashier at the grocery store today. now, with things like the latter, i am even more uncomfortable, because i don’t know if they do that all the time, or only sometimes. i hope it’s all the time, though. that would make me feel less singled-out.


i have to go do some errands soon. one of them is a secret mission (i know i shouldn’t say that after my entry yesterday, but a) this will only be secret for a couple more days and then i’ll tell you all about it, and b) it isn’t my secret), and the other is to go buy makeup for my school’s formal this weekend. i don’t know how i’ve amassed so much makeup in my lifetime and still lack an adequate shade of silver eyeshadow. sound tacky? good. that’s what i’m going for. my choice of accessories? i got hair clips and a necklace. there is a theme with these trimmings, and it is peacock feathers. i can’t wait.