09, all mine.

by emilysaysgo

i don’t give my school enough credit.

i like to pretend i’m too cool to have been homeschooled, but i’m not, and i don’t want to be. i love the friends i’ve made, i love my class, i love the fact that homeschoolers are the single nicest group of people you will ever meet (recommended by four out of five waitresses in the greater seattle area!).  if it hadn’t been for legacy, i wouldn’t be who i am and i wouldn’t know where i’m going. there have been times when i regretted staying homeschooled, but here, at the end…if i have any regrets, it’s not getting to know everyone i could have.

i would like to insert the group picture we took yesterday here, because it’s wonderful (everyone is smiling and looking at the camera, and then there i am, front and center, clearly talking- pretty much sums up my years there), but i can’t get my scanner to work. i’ll put it up when it goes online.

just to warn you all…i’m only going to get sappier from here on out, as i finish up with graduation, in-school recognition stuff, and particularly my end-of-the-year church stuff. stay with me, though. i’ll at least try to make it entertaining.