by emilysaysgo

This has basically been my first real week of summer. I’ve been out of school since June 18th, but then I left right after that on a trip (which was awesome- look for a video soon), so that doesn’t count. This week, however, was an excellent start to how I’d like the rest of it to go. Don’t feel like you have to read this- it’s more for me remembering what I’ve been doing with my life this summer than for entertainment. Except the video. That’s for entertainment.


Sunday: Slept in, went to see Away We Go with Colleen (which was FANTASTIC), went to Mars Hill and Shari’s (it had been a while!).

Monday: I met Ally for coffee, which was lovely, and then when we were done I was in the weirdest mood. I really didn’t want to go home, for no particular reason, so I started driving. I ended up visiting my friend Anna at her work a couple towns away, and then we hung out and that was really fun. I don’t generally just hang out with many of my school friends, but I’m glad to know it doesn’t work like that with Anna (who’s probably going to read this- so: hey! I love you!).

Tuesday: Nothing super exciting, but Brittany and I made dinner and then went to watch Arrested Development at our friend Ryan’s house. We’ve been working on this for quite some time- we started at the beginning of the series and have been watching our way through for several months now.

Wednesday: Brittany, Tim, Cory and I went to Seattle for the ever-popular visit to Urban Outfitters. Brittany and I got matching…well, you’ll just have to see it. Anyway, we hung out downtown for a while (Brittany had to stop me from buying the complete works of Dorothy Parker), and went to dinner, which was delicious.


and, finally, the completion of Arrested Development. Man, I love that show. We’re pretty pumped for the movie.

Friday (today): I took Brittany to see Away We Go (just as good the second time), and then we went to a wedding. This couple has been together for…ever, and they’re friends with our brothers (which is how we know them). Anyway, it was a beautiful wedding and we had a ton of fun dancing like idiots at the reception (Brittany’s version of the shopping cart is really wonderful)…and making Ethan and Ben listen to some select classics from the HSM3 soundtrack.


I really like summer. Don’t know if I’ve mentioned that lately…but I really, really do.