Children, Uglies and college.

by emilysaysgo

Oh hayyyyy. Haven’t been here in a while.

So here’s my life at the moment.

1. I just finished helping with my church’s VBS, which never fails to be fun. Before I go into any detail, let me preface this by saying that VBS is the one thing my church goes ALL OUT for. And I’m not kidding. Year before last, the fire department came because we overused the fog machine and it set off the alarms. There are flashing lights, bouncing beach balls, hundreds of volunteers and even more hundreds of kids. Tonight (being the last night) was our traditional carnival, featuring a reptile show, seventeen inflatables of varying sizes and age suitabilities, a booth representing our local Christian radio station, and my personal favorite, cotton candy. For the first time in remembered history, Brittany and I didn’t sign ourselves up for the hours of stress and yelling that typically make up a shift at the hot dog stand, so we helped clean up our classroom and then went to wander around. We ran into a girl who’d been in our class all week, and hung out with her for a while. She’s probably nine years old, and has the most surprising way of saying everything with a complete lack of emotion. We’ve gotten a lot of laughs from this girl this week. Example A- Brittany: “Those boys are pretty rowdy, huh?” Her: “Yeah. If I wasn’t on my meds I’d be so angry right now.” Example B- Brittany: “Are you excited for worship??” (We’re supposed to get them pumped up, because the singing time tends to include a lot of jumping and dancing and enthusiasm) Her: “Yeah. This is my favorite part.” And everything she says comes out with a perfectly straight face and no hint of anything other than total boredom. It’s great (though occasionally mildy disturbing). So we took her around to some of the inflatables, and it was amazing to see her actually smiling, bouncing around on blow-up slides and other uncategorizable creations. She even has dimples. It was adorable. So that was fun.

Long story short: I love VBS.

2. I just read ‘Uglies’ by Scott Westerfeld for the first time. I don’t read a lot of YA fiction, unless it’s by or recommended by John Green (because, after writing Paper Towns and raving about Octavian Nothing and The Book Thief so much that I went out and read them, and then loved them, I trust his judgment), and I’d never thought this series (I was under the impression that it was a trilogy, but apparently there are at least four) would be, you know, good…but it kind of is. John announced on Twitter yesterday that the book was available for free download from the publisher, and I read it today, and it was compelling and thought-provoking- compelling, in fact, to a degree that caused me to go out and get Pretties and Specials at the library just after finishing Uglies. They’re no Book Thief, but I’m enjoying them. Plus I think now is the time to take advantage of my library, because of….

3. I’m leaving for college exactly three weeks from today. I already knew that two of my best friends are in three of my six classes, and I found out last night that there’s a very real chance my other good friend going there is in literally every one of those six classes. Not 100% sure on that, but it’s fairly likely. So that’s interesting, and kind of cool (because I know we’re the kind of people who will make friends in those classes regardless of whether or not we already know someone). I have a built-in study buddy for every class, as Colleen pointed out. Oh, the joys of attending a tiny school. As much as I’ve been looking forward to this for the last year, it’s just started to become really, genuinely, tangibly true in the last week, since we went to register for classes. Touring the dorms (I’m IN LOVE with one of the lounges in the girls’ building), meeting professors, navigating the campus (which should be simple, given its size, but I admittedly do not have the hang of it yet)…we’re going to LIVE THERE. REALLY SOON. I’m incredibly excited and only a tiny bit nervous, at the moment anyway. I made a list of things I still need to buy, we have recommended hang-out spots and restaurants from alumni, and we had a nice chat just today with a guy we know who’ll be there for the seminary. It shall be quite the adventure. But still, three weeks is not a long time, and that’s a little frightening. I’ll miss this place, a lot, no matter how much I end up loving my new home.

Night, everyone- a request has been made for me to go hunt down some sleeping bags for my brother’s camping trip this weekend, and then I’m going to read Pretties. Happy weekend!