by emilysaysgo

So, I’ve been at college for nearly twenty-eight whole hours, and mostly it’s been pretty fun.

I got here to find that Brittany had already unpacked almost all her stuff, so we unpacked mine and organized our room. It looks cute. And you’ll see it Monday, if you watch the vlog.

We had several orientation-y things to do yesterday, like playing dodgeball and eating. I was exhausted by nine, and passed out at about ten and actually slept really well. I was surprised.  Today, so far, we’ve had a welcoming meeting, a Bible knowledge test and a study skills/library orientation meeting. The test was really hard, but they don’t use it for placement or grade it or anything- it’s just kind of there to help you realize how much you’re going to learn and then you take it again when you graduate to find out how much you actually did learn. Most of the people I talked to had no idea how to answer most of the questions. There was one, though, that I knew specifically because of Harry Potter, which made me simultaneously happy and like I need to examine my priorities.

Anyway, after all that, Brittany, Tim and I gathered out in front of the school by the sign to take pictures, and then each went off with our parent(s) and they prayed for us and said goodbye. I’ll miss my dad a LOT, but I’m really grateful for everything he’s done for me, especially in the last year, and he’s got a lot of confidence in my future here. He’s really comfortable with all the faculty and knows he’s leaving me in good hands, and even though I definitely think it’ll be hard for both of us, we’re very excited about everything I’m going to learn.

I KNOW that one of the most important things for me to do while I’m here, especially now, at the beginning, will be to keep up on my sleep, or else I’ll get overwhelmed by everything and crash & burn right away. So I’ll be working on that.

That’s it for now- I’ve got to go to (yet another) orientation meeting! Yay.