Redeeming Elephants

by emilysaysgo

Someone I hadn’t talked to in a while asked me recently how my semester has been so far. I have two answers to this question.

The first is that it’s been awesome. I adore my classes, and I know I’ll probably miss them for the rest of my life once they’re over. I’m sad that it’s going by so quickly (we’re already half-done!), but I’m truly enjoying it. I love my six-pack, Ri-Fri, late-night heart-to-hearts with Holly, stalking Christian celebrities on Twitter and then getting to meet them, the book of Jonah, making new friends, Tyler and Olivia as a couple, and so, so much more. God has been teaching me amazing things and I love him for it, and he’s allowed me to get into a better devotional routine than I’ve ever had before, which is making life so much richer.

And here’s the second.

Last summer, I went on a senior trip with some of my best friends just after I graduated. We spent a week on a semi-deserted island in the San Juans, and it was wonderful. We looked after ourselves, doing our own cooking, roaming about the island, sleeping whenever we wanted, and watching the sunset from a different place on the island every day. We slept outside on the deck the last two nights. I remember one of those nights, falling asleep listening to Iron & Wine (fun fact about Emily: I love Iron & Wine, but they rarely fail to put me to sleep, no matter how awake I may have been to begin with), curled up in my sleeping bag against the early-morning cold. I didn’t realize how perfect a seal I’d created in my little coccoon, but I woke up in total darkness, wondering what time it was. I could hear people moving around, so I poked my head out and made the startling discovery that it was already completely light outside.

So yeah. This semester’s been about like that.