Summer 2011

by emilysaysgo

In my extreme fear of being as bored this summer as I was last summer, I started a summer to-do list when I decided to come home rather than stay in Portland. Here is that list. Several of these items will, at some point, warrant their own full post (as implied by #7, topics will be needed).

1. Find at least one job. These prospects are actually looking really good at the moment, but so as not to jinx anything, I may or may not explain later.

2. Summer classes. Yay, more gen eds! Doing the equivalents of philosophy and critical reading & writing online this summer so I’ll have more room in my schedule next year for electives.

3. Cook twice a week (ideally using both recipes I already know and ones I don’t).

4. Make a recipe book.

5. Find furniture for our suite next year. This is so that my dear roommate Amy and I can have a coffee table, and maybe something to put the TV in.

6. Read my Bible every. Single. Day.

7. Blog twice a week.

8. Finish one craft project per week.

9. Switch to using as many homemade products as possible. Baking soda shampoo has worked well enough that I’d like to see what some other alternatives are like.

10. Rearrange my room. I don’t have any floor space.

11. Summer student ministry. I won’t lie, I don’t know what that’s going to be yet.

12. Learn to make bread.

13. Learn to use my dad’s camera.

14. Read. (This one is a given.)

15. Make an apron.

16. Fill up a notebook. Doesn’t matter with what.

17. Learn how to budget. I’m really bad at money, and I’d like to change that.

18. Don’t eat sweets unless I made them (or I guess they can be homemade by someone else). To clarify, this isn’t to change my eating habits at all. It’s to get me to bake more.

So that’s it! Wish me luck getting all these things done. I have high hopes so far.